Quite a time gap between my posts. Sorry about that; I am just a college student. More importantly, I've begun to learn about VST (Virtual Studio Technology), DAWs (Digital Audio Workstations), and a whole host of synthesizer programs. Sort of overwhelming, but I welcome the challenge.

Another challenge is to actually find musicians. I haven't been as assertive as I could be to form a band, but I'm not one to push things unnecessarily. So far I've met a guitarist/bassist/singer, a drummer, and a few pianists, but I'll have to increase my efforts if I want this project to take off.

On a lighter note, I can better appreciate what Pete felt like trying to develop Lifehouse in the 70's. I've got so many ideas of what to do, but I'm not fully sure how to implement or explain them...
More work to do, nonetheless.
After some editing throughout the day, I've begun to refine the website's design and layout. A big step was getting Google Analytics into the mix. With any luck, I'll have more visitors soon.

Hopefully I'll attract people looking for The Boy Who Heard Music, but my primary goal is to describe the re-vamp I intend to give Lifehouse. I intend to form a musical group with the talents and interests necessary for the album's songs. More details will come soon. I've got people to meet who might be of tremendous help to this project.