Recently I found a torrent for the full Lifehouse Chronicles boxset. All 6 CDs recorded as .flac files. Considering that Townshend no longer sells the boxset, and the only ones available on the internet are used copies sold at ridiculous prices, I downloaded it.

I greatly dislike pirating music, especially from artists I like, but I didn't have an alternative way to obtain it. Only the music from the first two discs is on YouTube, and the quality there is lacking, to say the best. If Townshend still sold the boxset, I'd have bought it as soon as I had the money! I also regret not having the physical copies of the discs for backup, not to mention the memorabilia that was packaged in the original boxset. I'm as much after that stuff as I am the music. Any shred of material from Lifehouse, I want desperately. I understand why Townshend was so consumed by it for so long - it really is a fantastic idea.. It would have been fantastic enough as an album and a movie, but Townshend wanted to make it real. Unfortunately, reality doesn't bend to humanity's will, much to our dismay.

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